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The focus for this site is to raise awareness of the needs of the Episcopal Church in Cuba, the needs of congregations, clergy and especially the church buildings. Coins for Cuba will also look at ways and means to support Cuban students in seminary and studying towards ordination in the Episcopal Church in Cuba.


The Anglican Church of Canada has long supported the Episcopal Church of Cuba and a numerous Canadian congregations continue to pray for “partner” parishes as well as providing material support for Episcopal parishes in Cuba.


Through the efforts of this site we aim to build the level of financial support for the Episcopal Church in Cuba. At his time there are twenty ordained clergy, including the Bishop of Cuba, serving more than 10,000 worshippers in 34 parishes.


This site covers:


1. The concept for the Coins for Cuba initiative. 

2. The History of the Episcopal Church in Cuba.

3. A comprehensive list of clergy, parishes and the communities in which they are located.

4. A photo album.


The Coins for Cuba web site was inspired by the results of a parish outreach project at Grace Anglican Church, Milton, Ontario, and is covered in detail on the Concept Page. Read and enjoy. Grace Anglican Church has been truly blessed by creating a greater awareness for the needs of others beyond our own parish.


This site is jointly sponsored by Grace Anglican Church, Milton and the Anglican Diocese of Niagara Outreach Committee.





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